fetlife FetLife.com can be considered as the Facebook for people that love the BDSM and fetish lifestyle. The website’s tag line “BDSM and fetish community for kinksters by kinksters” shows exactly what the website is all about and welcomes people having a secret fetish to become a member of this BDSM site. The fact that the website is free to join, makes it a preferred choice among those who prefer a fetish lifestyle. Regardless of whether you’re looking for singles or couples, this site wouldn’t disappoint. On the downside the number of scammers and fake users make the user experience a little bumpy.

FetLife.com boasts of tones of features that have been tailored to meet the needs of people having a fetish. Regardless of your fetish, you’d always find someone interesting on this BDSM site. Here are some of the features available onboard that would help you connect with the right people:

• The website is absolutely free to join and gives users access to the basic set of features.
• Registered users of FetLife can conveniently share their personal information with like – minded people from across the globe. In addition to this, users can also share their personal pictures and give others a sneak peek into their lives.
• Groups and Communities on the site make it possible for users with similar interests to share their opinions. It can be said that communicating with like – minded people on this site is relatively easier. So, if you have a certain fetish and are looking to communicate with those interested in BDSM dating, it can be done by joining the relevant group.
• Members of FetLife have the liberty of checking out any upcoming events hosted either by the site or any of its partners. There are a lot of parties happening in major cities across the globe for fetish lovers and most of them happen to be erotic parties. By becoming a user on this site you’d certainly be able to keep a tab on all the upcoming events in your area.
• The blog section makes it possible for users to share their personal BDSM experiences with like – minded people.

The website employs angry verification system (new member must verify his/her phone number by sms). Besides, the search system is simple and doesn’t have many parameters to explore. Also, the sheer number of ads on the site hampers the user experience.

While a free BDSM dating site might be easy on your budget, it does attract a lot of fake users, which ruins the over user experience. Due to lack of a professional team, the site has too many fake profiles. FetLife, on the other hand, is a great advertising platform. Despite the huge subscriber base on this site, it can be said that it isn’t the place for serious daters.

Despite the large database of profiles, we do not recommend it for someone to seek (but forums are great and have a lot of information).

Chance of getting a date: 2/5
Customer service: 2/5
Protect privacy: 1/5
Features: 3/5
Active members: 4/5
Value for money: 2/5

Rating: 5.0. From 1 vote.
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  1. I don’t spend a lot of time on Fetlife. I’ve mined most of the interested women in my immediate area. Plus I’ve noticed that most of them aren’t really wife material, my true goal. They should be, logically enough. Submissives, slaves, extremely nasty women…

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  2. Is anyone on Fetlife? I loath making new profiles on websites. The about me section is always so damn hard to write! 20 years ago this would have been easy, but my writing skills have diminished somewhat over the years. Then there is the question of a profile picture.. I can never find an appropriate pic!

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  3. Fetlife – wasting my time
    It’s night. I came from work not too long ago. Sitting in the old couch of my old living / dining room, I have decided to check out my profile on that website. That is a good website to get some good eye candy, but for rare occasions to have good and decent…

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  4. This is a pretty good site for people attracted to fetlife. It is wise to seek knowledge and be serious about whatever deviates from mainstream life. There are people with little understanding who will use every opportunity to ridicule the lifestyle. 

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  5. Logged back into my fetlife said fuck it took a break from dating and went back to being a Dom sadist master. Already have two dates to meet up with subs torture and fuck them life is good!

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  6. On FetLife, you can express your love of science in interesting ways. I have to admit — I like the varied interpretations made possible by someone who says they’re “into” giving/receiving/wearing microbiome.

    Except that guy with the turkey baster in the middle of Africa . That was so fucking weird.

    (I realize it’s asymmetrical that I am so accepting of people who do weird things for pleasure, but indignant when they do it because they’ve bought into the cult of all natural, organic, chemophobic woo. That doesn’t really bother my conscience, though, only my OCD. I like symmetry.)

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