I – glossary

impact play: Striking with various objects, including the hand (spanking), riding crops, floggers and whips and canes (oh, my!)

infantilism: See adult baby.

informed consent: The principle that in order for consent to be genuine, the consenter must know all significant information about the object of consent.Example: A person consents to participate in “rape play”, but is not informed that a third party has been invited to take part in the raping. Another element of informed consent is that the consenter is capable of consenting; in other words, not under the influence of alcohol, drugs, coercion, exhaustion, subspace, etc.

interrogation play: Oral questioning taking the form of torture or cross examination.

irrumatio: (irrumation) A type of sexual intercourse performed by actively thrusting one’s penis into a partner’s mouth and throat. More commonly known as face fucking.

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