K – glossary

K-9 role play: see animal play

kajir: A supposedly Gorean term indicating a group of mixed male and female slaves that is used only in online environments.

keenhole: (v.) To have sex with a person by way of a large gauge hole stretched in his or her earlobe. Mostly performed by homosexuals with body modifications, this hobby is also enjoyed by heterosexual couples. (n.) The act or fetish of penetrating a person’s earlobe piercing hole with one’s penis.

Kef: Gorean term for a brand with the appearance of a stylized cursive lowercase “k”. In the Gor novels, a kajira was normally branded on the outside of her left thigh to mark her as a slave; a kajirus‘s brand is supposed to be a simple printed “k”.

Kegel exercise (KAY-gull): Muscular contractions used to strengthen the pelvic floor. In women, supposed benefits include enhancing orgasmic response, tightening the vagina and reduction of incontinence.

kidnapping play: Scenario in which the bottom is forcibly restrained and (usually) taken to another location for further play. Also see takedown for safety note.

kink: Unconventional sexual preferences or behavior.

kink friendly: Usually used in reference to someone who provides a professional service, such as a doctor, counselor, leather worker, carpenter, etc. May be D/s themselves, or may be one who is accepting of D/s as a healthy lifestyle choice and is willing to help a kinkster with their needs, regardless of the views of society (and maintain confidentiality).

knife play: The use of knives in a scene. Often for the psychological effect, without actually drawing blood; but sometimes used to cut as well (blood play).

Knight: see White Knight.

Kolar: Term for Collar used by online Goreans.

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