L – glossary

lactation: The expression of human female breast milk. An object of fetish for many.LDR: Long Distance Relationship.

leather (culture): A traditional style of BDSM, whose origins are post-World War II and arose out of the combination of some motorcycle “gangs” with male homosexual BDSM. This tradition is credited with originating the concept of the BDSM “club”, which later spread through other orientations to give rise to the many hundreds of clubs now in existence. Women (“leatherdykes”) were allowed to participate starting around 1980, usually as a “sister” chapter. Some leather clubs are rigid in structure and hierarchy; a member moves up through various ranks over the course of years. This type of system is often referred to as “old school”. There are many other variations as well.

leather family: For now, see family in leatherdykes, leathermen. leatherwomen : see leather above.

limits (see hard limits, soft limits): What someone will not do (hard) or is hesitant to do (soft).

lingam: Hindu/tantric term for the penis; used in writings such as the Kama Sutra. Female equivalent: yoni.(DeFUNition: Employed by writers who want to give an appearance of being mystical or intellectually superior ).

little or little boy/girl: One who takes the role of a submissive child in age play.May or may not be sexual; does not imply actual incest or pedophilism!

lolita: (1) An underage temptress (from the 1961 movie “Lolita”) stems from a novel published in 1955 by the same name, written by Vladimir Nabokov. (2) A sexpot who is not underage, but can appear to be. See age play.looner A person who has a sexual fetish about balloons

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