Sissy slave contract

version I of slave contract



Whereas I, submissive p, hereafter called “The SLAVE”, agrees to voluntarily give up all rights, personal and legal, and become the personal property of Mistress M, hereafter called “The OWNER”; and, whereas The OWNER has accepted The SLAVE as her legally titled property, the purpose of this Slave Contract is to codify and enforce the property rights of the OWNER over the SLAVE.



Following the initiative and firm wish of The SLAVE and The OWNER, both parties pledge and agree as follows:

1. The SLAVE agrees to become the property of and to submit completely to The OWNER in all ways. There are no boundaries of place, time, or situation in which The SLAVE may refuse to obey any wish or order of The OWNER. The SLAVE will never be given the option to act on its own desire, but will be trained to complete obedience by a combination of systematic humiliation and punishment. The SLAVE’s status and duties are permanent and will be performed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, each day of the year without any presumption or provision of leisure time for The SLAVE, independent from whether The OWNER is present. By execution of this contract, The SLAVE has surrendered his personhood to The OWNER at all times and for all times.

2. As compensation, The OWNER will seek to use The SLAVE, her property, for her benefit and enjoyment in any fashion she desires. The SLAVE will be at The OWNER’s complete disposal to perform or submit to any task commanded by The OWNER. The SLAVE acknowledges that The OWNER is a committed sadist and dominant female, and that The SLAVE will be required to suffer pain, deprivation, degradation, and humiliation far beyond its endurance. The OWNER takes the slave as her property specifically wishing to humiliate, harass, torture and punish The SLAVE, without any mercy, respite, or recourse, by means of sadistic and mean orders and permanent obligations. Further, The SLAVE understands that The OWNER wishes to invent continuously new torments and cruelties to which The SLAVE will be subjected, and to enforce compliance by any punishment, torment or humiliation required.

3. The OWNER will endeavour to ensure that all orders for The SLAVE will be extremely mean and humiliating, forcing The SLAVE to do things, or do them in a way he never would be prepared to do under normal circumstances.

4. The SLAVE’s will and psyche will reprogrammed to complete obedience and servitude. The SLAVE’s personal desires and sexuality are irrelevant and also become the property of The OWNER. The satisfaction of any and every of The OWNER’s sadistic and sexual desires will be The SLAVE’s highest duty; The SLAVE’s only pleasure and arousal will come through his fulfillment of The OWNER’s every desire.

5. The SLAVE will be locked in chastity that may include features for punishment of arousal. It is fully at the discretion of The OWNER to deny sexual relief to The SLAVE as long as She desires; The SLAVE does not have any rights to any personal satisfaction or gratification – it exists only for the betterment and pleasure of The OWNER. However, if in rare cases that The OWNER considers sexual rewards to the slave is appropriate, The OWNER will take care that it is combined with pain and/or humiliation and will often be ruined or be stopped just before ejaculation, be it while performing enforced masturbation, or be it while The SLAVE is violated by The OWNER or one of her friends. The SLAVE will always be required to consume his semen or that of any others required by The OWNER. The SLAVE further understands that The OWNER has the right to have it permanently and irrevocably made chaste and forever be prevented from sexual satisfaction.

6. For the pleasure of The OWNER or one of her male or female friends, it is The SLAVE’s duty to lick or suck them, or to submit to any sexual or personal use, at any time or place requested. Alike, at any time The OWNER can sexually use The SLAVE in any way, or ask one of Her male or female friends to rape him. In any case, there will be severe punishment if The SLAVE’s performance is not absolutely satisfying, even when being raped.

7. The OWNER will have the enjoyment of any male and female lovers she chooses. The SLAVE may be required -or denied- participation to enhance The OWNER’s sexual experiences. The SLAVE can be expected to prepare The OWNER’s lovers by orally satisfying them or by submitting to sadistic cruelties to arouse them. The OWNER may require The SLAVE to orally or otherwise enhance Her and Her lovers enjoyment during foreplay or copulation. Further, The SLAVE understands it will be required to clean and sooth the genitals of The OWNER and her lovers when they have completed their enjoyments. The OWNER may vest any lovers or friends with the right to give orders to The SLAVE and punish him according to their caprice.

8. The OWNER will take as long as necessary to train The SLAVE. Training will be harsh, and will by no means be fair. Such training will be delivered by The OWNER or by other Mistresses or Masters. The SLAVE may also be sent to a slave training facility that is documented for a most severe training regime.

9. The SLAVE will be provided adequate water and nourishment. However, at times, food will be used as both incentive and punishment for The SLAVE’s performance and behaviour. The SLAVE’s normal meals, even in the absence of The OWNER, will be dog food eaten from a dog bowl on the floor. Rewards may include table scraps. Punishment or, just for The OWNER’s entertainment, The SLAVE’s meals will be enhanced by The OWNER’s or The SLAVE’s urine.

10. The OWNER will take videos and photos showing The SLAVE in most humiliating situations. It is up to The OWNER’s sole discretion to publish them in the Internet, or in sex magazines or videos which are available in sex shops. These pictures or videotapes become the sole property of The OWNER at the time the pictures or videotapes are taken. While The SLAVE would prefer to keep these pictures or videotapes private, The SLAVE understands that they are not his property and The OWNER may do with them whatever She likes.

11. The OWNER may loan The SLAVE at any time to any other person. There, The SLAVE may be subject to rape, torture, and severe whippings. Further, The OWNER may charge for The Slave’s slut services in any way She chooses. Any money or other negotiable earned in this manner or any other is the sole property of The OWNER.

12. If The OWNER desires forced feminization, The SLAVE understands The OWNER’s rights include far more than cross dressing. If so desired, The SLAVE will submit to hormone treatments or breast implantation or other body modifications. The OWNER may regularly surrender The SLAVE to dominant TVs and Shemales for her amusement and to aquaint The SLAVE with the intended modifications.

13. To enforce the permanence of the slave’s status, The OWNER shall tattoo, brand, or mark the slave on any body part and in any way she so desires. The purpose of such tattoo, brand, or mark should be the permanent reminder and humiliation of The SLAVE. The SLAVE may be required to publicly expose such markings at any time in any way.


1. This Slave Contract will be in force for an indefinite period of time up to the rest of the life of The SLAVE, unless terminated by The OWNER. The SLAVE will have no rights to legal recourse if terminated by The OWNER.

2. The SLAVE has no right whatsoever to terminate this Slave Contract. The execution of this contract will be videotaped and the complete contract will be read aloud by The SLAVE. Upon signing, The SLAVE’s status will become forever and permanent.

3. The OWNER can at any time discharge The SLAVE, but he shall remain a slave subject to sale on the Internet or transfer to any other Master or Mistress.

4. The OWNER has the right to transfer all rights of this Slave Contract to any other person, male, female, or shemale, if She so wishes, without asking The SLAVE. By means of a simple transfer of the original of this Slave Contract this person will then become The OWNER.


1. Henceforth, The terms and conditions of this Slave Contract may be modified and supplemented at any time at the sole discretion of The OWNER in whatever way She likes. The OWNER will ask friends and also people in the Internet for proposals to aggravate the Slave Contract especially with regard to further humiliation of The SLAVE, and implement such proposals without further consent.

2. The only original of this Slave Contract will remain with The OWNER. There will be no copy for The SLAVE, since it is considered to be an undue duty for The OWNER to provide always a copy of the amendments to this Slave Contract to The SLAVE.

3. It is agreed upon that a copy of the Slave Contract will be mailed to a distribution list including The Slave’s employer, friends, and relatives should The OWNER decide to terminate the contract. Therefore it should be in the genuine interest of The SLAVE that The OWNER will not terminate the Slave Contract.


Should The SLAVE ever try to avoid its obligations under this contract, it is agreed that The OWNER will destroy the all keys to The SLAVE’s collar and chastity device. If that action fails to compel compliance, or if there is any other attempt of The SLAVE to not fulfill its contractual obligations, The OWNER will mail copies of the Slave Contract to The SLAVE’s employer, friends, and relatives along with any other video or photographic records she chooses.


1. Without any exception all rules apply to all situations and locations at any given time, may it be when only The OWNER is present, may it be in the presence of other people or in the public.

2. There will be absolutely NO safeword for The SLAVE.

3. The SLAVE shall speak only when being asked or when The OWNER gives permission. If being address by somebody else, The SLAVE will wait whether The OWNER instructs him to answer with the words “answer, slave”.

4. The SLAVE shall address The OWNER as “GODDESS”, Her male friends as “SIR” and Her female friends as “MISTRESS” at all times and any place. In the presence of other people The SLAVE will address The OWNER at a voice level that it can be clearly understood in what way The SLAVE has to address The OWNER. The OWNER will never address The SLAVE in another way than as “slave” or as “slut”, and She will ensure that all his male and female friends will do the same.

5. The SLAVE will have absolutely no right to privacy. When asked by The OWNER his thoughts, The SLAVE will respond truthfully and completely. The SLAVE will promptly confess to The OWNER all thoughts and fears and desires.

6. The Slave will not use the toilet without permission of The OWNER. The OWNER will frequently order The SLAVE to pee on the floor in front of others and then order him to clean the mess with his tongue.

7. The slave will be expected to perform toilet service whenever the mistress desires and shall always be ready and eager to use his tongue to clean the mistress after her use of the bathroom, or at any time she wishes or requires

8. Indoors The SLAVE will always be completely naked apart form his chastity belt and his steel collar. If The SLAVE is on duty outdoors The SLAVE will always wear what The OWNER determines to be the appropriate attire for any given situation. This may be as little as the chastity belt and slave collar, even in public. The fact that this may cause The SLAVE embarrassment is of no concern. The OWNER may command “Strip!” at which point The SLAVE must stop wherever it is, and immediately strip himself of all clothing on the spot. Whether completely naked, clothed in a revealing or humiliating sissy outfit, or fully dressed, The SLAVE will always make every part of his body available to The OWNER at any time, displaying and exposing the demanded area within easy reach of The OWNER, and following all spoken commands as to the display and exposure of its body for any and every purpose.

9. The SLAVE will perform any domestic services required by The OWNER. These will include all cooking, food service, cleaning, home care, as well as bathing The OWNER, dressing The OWNER, applying makeup or nail care, shaving The OWNER’s body, or in any other form of personal service. In addition, The SLAVE will always clean The OWNER and the fixture after any toilet use in any fashion required.

10. The SLAVE will never touch its penis, scrotum, anus or nipples without The Owner’s permission or allow other’s to do so. They are for The OWNER’s enjoyment only.

11. The Slave shall live by the rule that everything is forbidden which is not explicitly permitted or authorized.


1. The OWNER will take care to ensure that The SLAVE’s health and safety are maintained.

2. The SLAVE will be fed adequate nourishment, subject to I(9) above.

3. When sexually surrendered to others, The SLAVE will not be used in unsafe fashions.


1. The SLAVE acknowledges that his performance will never be more than adequate and that The SLAVE will be punished regularly for his shortcomings. The OWNER will be required to punish The SLAVE severely for any lack of immediate compliance, lack of performance, or poor performance, or for any other deficiency in The SLAVE’s duties, or for no reason at all. Punishments will be administered mercilessly at least as severe as announced, and under no circumstances diminish a punishment threatened. The OWNER, however, has every right to enlarge any punishment in any way She likes. It is being agreed explicitly that punishment may even be out of all proportion with regard to the misbehavior of The SLAVE.

2. It is up to the sole discretion of The OWNER to decide whether there is a case of no immediate compliance, lack of performance, or poor performance. In the opposite, such decision holds true even if not valid at all. Similarly, any allegation of no immediate compliance or lack of performance if claimed by anyone is to be taken as given. The SLAVE does not have the right to argue even the falsest allegation resulting in a severe punishment.

3. The OWNER may ask other Mistresses or Masters to execute any punishment imposed on the slave.


1. I, the undersigned, certify that I am ___ years old, that I am not physically or mentally impaired by influence of any drugs, including alcohol, or other reason where I do not know what I am doing and am legally and mentally competent to contract in my own name. I am signing this Slave Contract of my own free will, without coercion or pressure of any kind. No one has made any promises, guarantees, warranties, or offered threats or inducements of any kind to get me to sign this Slave Contract.

2. I hereby totally submit to The OWNER without limit and without reservation. With full understanding of the meanings and implications of this Slave Contract, I specifically desire and request The OWNER to force me to comply if necessary, using any means at The Owner’s disposal without any limit. I specifically request and authorize The OWNER to use force to compel my obedience, and I specifically request and authorize The OWNER to ignore anything I may say or do what might in any way be considered a refusal or retraction on my part.

3. I do want The OWNER to enforce Her orders by punishment without limitation, by making me to do whatever She wants done. I do want that, as one method of discipline, I will get whipped, lashed, or caned. I do want the whippings to hurt and accept that they may leave long lasting marks on my body. The OWNER may punish me either for a lapse in my behavior, for a completely arbitrary reason, or just for Her enjoyment, amusement, or gratification.

4. I desire to be placed in a position where I CANNOT change my mind ever again.

5. Furthermore, I hereby execute an unconditional, unlimited, irrevocable, assignable Model Release in favor of The OWNER covering all pictures, films, video, audio, public performance, and recordings of me of any kind, whether true to life or manipulated in any fashion, and all associated material, including promotional, either factual or fictional. I waive all rights to inspect the products before or after use and waive my claims for embarrassment or mental distress specifically and all other claims of any sort generally. I consent that such material may be sold with all revenues due to The OWNER, or distributed free of charges, or put into the Internet at public display.

6. I accept and even request that The OWNER destroys immediately all keys of my chastity device and my steel slave collar while I am locked in them should I ever dare ask The OWNER for Her consent to annul this Slave Contract. This would clearly leave me forever locked in the chastity belt and the slave collar, with no possibility at all to remove it ever again.

7. Last, but not least, I accept that the OWNER may freely convey this Slave Contract to anyone at any time and I will continue to abide by the terms therein.


By my signature below, I, _______________________, now, to become on my signature The SLAVE as described in this contract, acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to to be bound by the terms of this Slave Contract. In my last act of my own free will,


(signed and dated by slave p)

Accepting this Slave Contract and obliging me that I will under no circumstances give consent to cancel it, but do everything to enforce execution by the use of punishment as outlined above. Furthermore, I oblige myself to destroy immediately all keys of the chastity device if The SLAVE requests to have this Contract annulled at any time or refuses to comply with its obligations under it.


(signed and dated by Mistress M)

The parties also wish to have a witness who is prepared to testify about the circumstances under which the Slave Contract was executed and that the Slave Contract was entered into voluntarily, consensually, and without coercion or force.

I, ____________________________, being present during the act of signing this Slave Contract, witness that The SLAVE has entered into permanent and irrevocable slavery to The OWNER of his former free will and that he has confirmed to each of us that he has initiated compiling this Slave Contract himself. I furthermore confirm that the OWNER has not put any pressure on The SLAVE to sign this Slave Contract and to renounce all rights to her forever.


(signed and dated by Witness)

version II

Sissy maids Definitions

SISSY MAID SERVICE: Any activity performed by one individual for the purpose of making life more pleasant for another individual. AT SISSY MAID SERVICE will by definition mean that the individual being AT SISSY MAID SERVICE will be at disposal for the other individual to perform SISSY MAID SERVICES as required.

SISSY MAID: The individual who is AT SISSY MAID SERVICE for another individual.


SISSY MAID TRAINING: Any activity performed by SISSY MAID, upon instruction by MISTRESS or by SISSY MAID’s own initiative, for the purpose of improving the variety and/or quality of SISSY MAID’s SERVICES.

UNIFORM: A set of garments especially designed to make it obvious for everyone that wearer of UNIFORM is a girl AT SISSY MAID SERVICE. UNIFORM is characterized by being either pretty or functional for SISSY MAID SERVICE, but may in rare cases be both pretty and functional.

SISSY DISCIPLINE: Any action initiated and/or performed by MISTRESS to punish SISSY MAID for disobedience, poor SISSY MAID SERVICE or slackness in SISSY MAID TRAINING.

SISSY MAID’s TERM: The specific period of time during which SISSY MAID is full time, or if so specified, part time, AT SISSY MAID SERVICE for MISTRESS. SISSY MAID, who is part time AT SISSY MAID SERVICE, will be MISTRESS’s maid throughout the SISSY MAID’s TERM, including periods when she is not AT SISSY MAID SERVICE.

1. General Rules

1.1. SISSY MAID’s Obligations

When being AT SISSY MAID SERVICE, SISSY MAID is obliged to dress up in any UNIFORM MISTRESS decides to be appropriate for the occasion.

When being AT SISSY MAID SERVICE, MAID is obliged to perform, instantly and to the best of her ability, any SERVICE required by MISTRESS within the boundaries of the Contract.

SISSY MAID is obliged to inform MISTRESS about any weaknesses in her qualifications as a maid, where improvements may be needed.

SISSY MAID is obliged to inform MISTRESS about any disgraceful personal habits where behavior modifications may be required.

SISSY MAID is obliged, willingly and enthusiastically, to perform any TRAINING instructed by MISTRESS within the boundaries of the Contract.

SISSY MAID is obliged, at any time, to concentrate on finding means for improving her SERVICES for MISTRESS.

SISSY MAID is obliged to keep her uniforms, corsets, petticoats, shoes, stocking and lingerie perfectly clean and neat at all times.

SISSY MAID is obliged to inform MISTRESS of any faults having occurred during performance of SERVICES.

SISSY MAID is obliged to present herself for punishment whenever required.

1.2. SISSY MAID ’s Rights

SISSY MAID has no rights, whatsoever, under the Contract.

1.3. MISTRESS’s Obligations

MISTRESS has no obligations under the Contract.

However, the spirit of the Contract implies that MISTRESS, in a demanding way, should direct the way SISSY MAID shall dress, behave and train to improve MAID’s SERVICES and better MAID’s general qualifications as a maid.

1.4. MISTRESS’s Rights

MISTRESS has unlimited rights to require SERVICES to be provided by SISSY MAID, within the boundaries of the Contract.

MISTRESS has unlimited rights to require SISSY MAID TRAINING to be performed by SISSY MAID to improve MAID’s SERVICES, within the boundaries of the Contract.

MISTRESS has unlimited rights to administer DISCIPLINE to SISSY MAID to improve MAID’s attitude, behavior and obedience, within the boundaries of the Contract.

MISTRESS has the right to require SISSY MAID to dress up in any of MAID’s outfits or any outfit provided by MISTRESS, within the boundaries of the Contract.

2. Breach of Contract

2.1. Breach of Contract by SISSY MAID

Any breach of Contract by MAID is to be considered as a serious case of disobedience and may be subject to severe DISCIPLINE, as decided by MISTRESS at her discretion, within the boundaries of the Contract.

2.2. Breach of Contract by MISTRESS

Any instructions given, or actions initiated, by MISTRESS

1. which are in conflict with the regulations given in Sections 5 and 6 of the Contract

2. which are in conflict with any existing laws that may lead to prosecution of MAID

3. which may cause family disorder for SISSY MAID

4. which may have damaging effects on MAID’s job and income

5. which may cause permanent psychological trauma or bodily harm to SISSY MAID

will represent breach of Contract by MISTRESS. SISSY MAID may rightfully refuse to obey such instructions or require such actions to be stopped.

Unrightful refusal to obey is to be considered as breach of Contract by MAID, according to Section 2.1.

3. Alteration of SISSY MAID Contract

This Contract may not be altered, unless both MISTRESS and SISSY MAID agree.

4. Termination of Contract

4.1. Termination required by SISSY MAID

SISSY MAID has no right to terminate the Contract apart from under the following circumstance:

MISTRESS has breached Contract, according to Section 2.2, and maintains the instructions or actions after SISSY MAID has rightfully refused to obey. SISSY MAID may at that specific time – but not at a later time, require the Contract to be terminated.

4.2. Termination required by MISTRESS

MISTRESS has the authority to terminate the Contract at any time she may decide.

5. Special Provisions

5.1. Term

MAID’s TERM under the Contract


+ at 12:00 am on / / (dd/mm/yy)

and ends:

+ at 12:00 am on / / (dd/mm/yy)

5.2. Position

SISSY MAID’s position under the Contract is (Make selection from options below):

Full time AT SERVICE

Part time AT SERVICE

+ MAID will be AT SERVICE:________________________________

(To be specified. hrs. pr week, specific days, hours etc.)

+ MAID will have to follow a dress code (underwear, uniform, etc.; ref. section 5.3, at times and locations to be specified) and perform TRAINING, during the periods MAID is not AT SERVICE, as required by MISTRESS according to the following principles: ______________________________________________________

AT SERVICE Cyber (Conditions to be specified in Section 6)

5.3. Appearance

SISSY MAID is obliged at all times to make a neat and pretty appearance, to the best of her ability and natural possibility.

SISSY MAID will wear the following outfits, if available, as instructed by MISTRESS (Make selections from lists below):



Black stockings, panties, garters and bra

Pink stockings, panties, garters and bra



Other: ______________

Other: ______________


Short and frilly french maid

Frilly victorian maid

English maid

Parlor maid

Long, plain working uniform





Pinafore apron


Clear plastic mac, over uniform for outdoor use

Other: ______________

Other: ______________

Uniform colour:








Other: ______________

Other: ______________

Uniform fabric:







Other: ______________

Other: ______________

5.4. Duties

SISSY MAID’s duties under the Contract are to provide SERVICES of the following nature (make selections from list below):

Dust and do other light domestic chores

Clean and do other heavy domestic chores

Do laundry and ironing

Keep MISTRESS’s wardrobe in perfect order

Mend and care MISTRESS’s shoes and boots

Mend and care MISTRESS’s leathers

Do MISTRESS’s bookkeeping

Prepare meals

Serve at the table

Wait at the door

Maintain Mistress’s house and dungeon

Move the lawn and keep the garden

Do shopping and errands

Assist MISTRESS when bathing

Assist MISTRESS dressing

Personal services, as required by MISTRESS

Other: ___________________

Other: ___________________

Other: ___________________

Other: ___________________

5.5. Public Conduct

SISSY MAID will provide SERVICES as follows (make selections from list below)


AT SERVICE for MISTRESS and Her visitors at MISTRESS’s residence

AT SERVICE for MISTRESS when visiting MISTRESS’s friends

AT SERVICE for MISTRESS in public, neutral dress code

AT SERVICE for MISTRESS in public, maid’s dress code




5.6. Discipline

Acceptable means of discipline are (make selections from list below)

Telling off

Standing in corner



Hand cuffs

Ankle cuffs

Chastity belt

Tight corset


Hair brush






Other: ________________

Other: ________________

Other: ________________

Other: ________________

6. Additional Provisions

Additional provisions agreed between MISTRESS and SISSY MAID:


7. Signatures

7.1. SISSY MAID’s Signature

I, in the above named as MAID, has read and fully understand this contract in entirety. I understand that I cannot withdraw from this contract except as stated in this contract. I am also fully aware of the great responsibility and honor it will be for me to become AT SERVICE for MISTRESS, and I promise to provide SERVICES to the best of my ability and to put great efforts into TRAINING to improve the quality of SERVICES further.

Date: ___________ Signature: ____________________________

7.2. MISTRESS’s Signature

I, in the above named as MISTRESS, has read and fully understand this contract in entirety. I understand that I can withdraw from this contract at any time. I am also aware of the spirit of the contract, which calls for strict and demanding handling of SISSY MAID to improve SISSY MAID’s qualifications.

Date: ___________ Signature: ____________________________

variant III

Sissy Slave Contract:

1, Sissy must be kept in chastity at all times. Cumming is a privilege reserved for real men, and orgasms are prescribed (and denied) by Sir. Sissy must neither expect or ask for orgasms, and must be prepared to spend the remainder of its existence in a constant state of lust, desperation, and desire.

2. Sissy must always be available to serve Sir and indulge his sexual and sadistic needs. No matter where or when Sissy must always comply or face appropriate punishment, as prescribed by Sir.

3. Sissy will always be naked in Sirs presence, and is only allowed to wear girly clothes if Sir permits. If Sissy wants to wear clothes, it must ask permission from Sir, even for daily things like work, chores, errands, etc.

4. Sissy will keep a smooth and hairless demeanour, and must not have any hair below its eyebrows. Any hair deemed inappropriate will be plucked forcibly from the Sissy.

5. Sissy must ask permission to use furniture such as chairs or beds. Sissy will sleep on the floor or in its cage when with Sir, and will ask permission every night for permission to use its own bed. If denied permission, Sissy must sleep on its own floor.

6. Sissy gives up its right to entertainment and other basic distractions, such as TV, Social Media, and internet. Sissy no longer needs such distractions, its only purpose is to focus on Sirs entertainment and pleasure, and must ask permission to partake in any of these distractions when in Sir’s presence.

By signing this document, __________ agrees to give up its right and status as a person and become a full time, permanent sissy slave to Sir. It has read and understands the terms of the contract which will remain in effect until Sir deems it necessary to end it.

Sissy name and signature:

*from now on Sissy will be property of Sir and gives up any rights and privileges of a person. He or She gives up their gender and now becomes a Sissy Slave, an object and will be referred to from now on as Sissy, Bitch, Slave, it, or any other demoralizing name Sir finds appropriate.

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